Friday, January 20, 2017

8 Unique Guest Book Ideas for Wedding You Can Make Yourself

In a the special day of their life, every groom and bride really need something special, unique, and different for everything related to their wedding, especially guest book. Here are unique guest book ideas for wedding you can make yourself.

Ceramic plates

Provide ceramic plates with permanent black pen on your big day can be a great choice as a wedding book. Let your guest write their name and write their wishes to the couple on it. After the special day over, you can display the ceramic plates as wall decorations in your house. These would be a constant reminder of your big day.

Tree Guest Book

Another unique guest book ideas for wedding comes from tree. Provide a tree in a pot. Then, tie pink rectangular papers using sweet black ribbon on each branchs. Make the guest write on them. Using this as wedding book will create both well wishes and a beautiful presentation.

Jig saw puzzle

Something unique comes from something unpredictable. It is jig saw puzzles. Get your guests give sign on every jig saw pieces.

Balloon shaped card

Balloon shaped card stick in big poster could be unique guest book ideas for wedding. Provide a big poster, and then draw couples caricature bringing balloons. The balloons are made by sticking colorful balloons shaped card. Then, let your guests write their message on them. This would be very nice of book guests.

Huge table with colorful pens

Easy, simple and unique. Those can be said to this book guest. All things the couple should do are only provide huge table with white table cloth and a lot of colorful pens. Make your guests deliver message, wishes, and signature on it.

Guest book on guitar

This unique guest book is very suitable to the couple who like music. Afterward, you and your couple could play your guitar together while remembering the big day of your life.

Guest book on wine bottle

Are you wine lovers? If yes, you can take this idea. Let your guests write on your collections of wine bottles. It will make lovely experience when you open the wine on next party such as wedding anniversaries.

Letter Box

Classic and unique. A letter Box can be used as unique guest book ideas for wedding. Let your guest make letter for you then ask them to enter the letter into your letter box. Certainly you have designed the letter box into unusual appearance before.

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