Friday, January 27, 2017

Cool camouflage wedding ideas - how to make it

Unique and exclusive wedding themes certainly need cleverness on how to find and create a perfect decoration of the wedding. When it comes to the camouflage, it can’t be said that it is only related to military. The patterns can spread until wedding. Well, camouflage wedding ideas can be said unusual category of wedding. This needs extra thinking to determine each details of the wedding. The wedding items available in the market may increase on each fashion season. Therefore, finding cool camouflage wedding ideas on the items needs some considerations. What is that? Let’s have a look on the items below.

Create Camouflage Wedding Invitation

You and your couple can think to choose wooden wedding invitation as the perfect touch on cool camouflages wedding ideas of invitation.

Visit Retail Camouflage

You can find camouflage items on retail outlets. They sell many camouflage themes that is easy to design. They provide camouflage items on table settings, centerpieces, and stationary. For table settings, the retails offers paper dishware, plastic and fabric tablecloth, metal flatware and also on glazed stoneware dishes. For centerpieces, the retails usually offer camouflage pattern on scrapbook paper, gift bags, origami animals, and also ribbon bows used for floral arrangements. For stationary, the retails offer business card blanks, envelopes, tissue, and calligraphy. It comes back to your personalize in choosing items for cool camouflage wedding ideas.

Camouflage on own designing

You can make your camouflages wedding items yourself, such as the cake, wedding favor, and the backdrop. Camouflage can be applied into the wedding cake. You can add leafy fondant cutouts and use ivy or leaves to create camouflages view that is harmonious with the theme.

You can make a subtle camouflage pattern on a backdrop. Add bride’ and groom’s name among the camouflage background is also good choice. Moreover, the party gift can be created into camouflage also. You can wrap birdseed with camouflage printed tulle. Then, tie it using wired velvet leaf.

Camouflages on Attire

Since the theme cool camouflage wedding ideas, it is also important to think about the wedding attire. For groom, he can wear camouflages pattern on the vest. As the options, he can also wear a formal suit with camouflage pattern on the tie. For bride, wearing white dress with camouflages pattern ribbon around her waist is also good options. Groomsmen can wear hunting vests. They will look nice.

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