Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 Glowing and Romantic Night Wedding Ideas

Do you plan for night wedding party? So what’s on your mind? Filling the party with candles, lanterns, or sprinklers? Whatever you take, since it is different with day wedding, you should plan every detail on your night party perfectly. Here are references of romantic night wedding ideas you can take.

Nice Photography

Night wedding has different lighting instead of day wedding. Make sure the photographer apply the suitable lighting. For both couples and photographer try to be creative with lighting. As an example, make your guests holding sparkles surround the couple. Then, the photographer take photo of the couple lit up by sparks. Another example, you and your couple might take backlit picture. It is made by making the silhouettes of the couple as the main focus. Moreover, black and white photo ideas can be determined for dramatic looking at night wedding.

Get Sparkling

Romantic night wedding ideas comes from night the lighting. We can use any source of lighting. Putting small lights on the ground along wedding ceremony to the reception is so romantic. Candles could be the choice, but they are easy to get extinguished. Put those on tall hurricane to avoid from flaring out.

Best Night Decoration

Adjust theme of your night wedding with the season of that time. You can choose Country Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Starry Night. Choose the rich and bright color such as rich jewel tones for a Midsummer Night’s Dream or Dark Blue for a Starry Night. To get more sparkling, add silver and gold accessories. Also, you can add crystals, and paper lanterns.Glowing Food
Filling your table with evening snacks such as cotton candy, cookies shaped star, and glow sticks will invite the children coming to your wedding. To make glowing on your table decorate it using fairy jars. You can make it by breaking a glow stick, add some glitters and add liquid.

Glowing Cake

Cake can’t be separated from wedding. Although you hold your party at night, you should make special on it. For romantic night wedding ideas, make your wedding cake full of lighting. Set the cake on the table with candles surround it. Or, you can make line using candles on the table so the cake will get its own stage area. Moreover, it will look nice when the bride and the groom slicing the cake together and the photographer take their photos.

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