Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good Wedding Slideshow Ideas

A wedding slideshow can be used as an entertainment during the wedding party. It can be a center of entertainment or simply a filler to keep the guests from boredom while the couple is taking photos with other guests. Wedding slideshows can include anything you want and it can be of any duration you desire. However, it is not recommended to have it longer than 12 minutes since it can bore the guests even further. There are some good wedding slideshows ideas you can apply if you want to make one.

Love Story

Share the story of the couple by putting it into pictures and clips. You can remake the whole story from the very first meeting until the engagement. Add some real photos and videos that were made during the span of time. Act out some important moments that have no records. Add some photos that also include fun activities or celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries, a special date or a picnic at the beach.

Childhood Photos

Gathering childhood photos can also be a good wedding slideshow idea. Collect childhood photos of both bride and groom then match them year by year. Start by baby pictures, early birthday photos, then followed by more pictures as the couple get older. Carefully pick pictures that show the characteristics of the couple or the funny moment that can induce laughter.

The Proposal

Another good wedding slide show idea is to re-act the moment the groom proposed the bride. Make a script of how she waited for the proposal and the groom decide to propose the girl. A short video is enough to give picture of the most important moment of the couple that finally decided to get married.

Music Selection

After all the material for the slide shows had been collected, there is one more important element that has to be taken care of, the music. Select music that matches the theme and tone of the picture. If it’s a series of lively and fun pictures or video, choose music that makes people stand up on their feet and dance.

If it is a more serene and elegant, then select music that is more romantic and sentimental. Choose songs that also reflect the journey and has special meaning for the bride and the groom. It can be their favorite song or song that tells about their love story is.

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