Thursday, February 2, 2017

A surprise wedding is a very unique wedding celebration since the bride and groom and a few friends and family conspire to surprise the guests. The guests will be invited to the party without knowing that it is a wedding party. This party can be an intimate one or can be as large as usual wedding. If you want to throw a surprise wedding party, here are some steps on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas.

Make a Cover Event

You will need a cover event to conceal the surprise wedding you plan. Pick an event you are sure that can get everyone together. These events can take form of a reunion or a movie night or any regular get together party. Invite family as well as friends from both sides.

Keep the Wedding a Secret

Be sure not to tell too many people about the surprise wedding. Letting more people know about the plan will make the word spread easily. If you want to, you can ask a professional wedding planner to help on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas. Consider also the needs to have official witnesses and legal necessities of marriage. These are the people you need to inform about the wedding.

Cover up the Dress

Next step on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas is the clothing. Choose you dress carefully. You cannot show up to the party with a full wedding gown and headdress. Wear casual or a more light dress so no one will feel suspicious. Choose a simple cocktail dress you naturally wear on a party. However, if you want to have a formal surprise wedding, you need to plan it really well ahead. You can hide the wedding gown carefully before the party started. Only wear the full wedding gear when you are ready to make an announcement. Make sure you have some assistant waiting for you to help you get dress.

Perfect Announcement Timing

The marriage announcement will be the climax the whole plan. Timing is important here. You should pick a most memorable moment to announce the marriage. Make sure everyone you have invited not missing anything. Have everyone pay attention to the announcement of your surprise wedding. You can spark interest of the guests by suddenly asking for attention. The groom can make an introduction speech to get everyone’s attention. Plan the speech carefully to make sure that it is well-structured and of course, full of surprise.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good Wedding Slideshow Ideas

A wedding slideshow can be used as an entertainment during the wedding party. It can be a center of entertainment or simply a filler to keep the guests from boredom while the couple is taking photos with other guests. Wedding slideshows can include anything you want and it can be of any duration you desire. However, it is not recommended to have it longer than 12 minutes since it can bore the guests even further. There are some good wedding slideshows ideas you can apply if you want to make one.

Love Story

Share the story of the couple by putting it into pictures and clips. You can remake the whole story from the very first meeting until the engagement. Add some real photos and videos that were made during the span of time. Act out some important moments that have no records. Add some photos that also include fun activities or celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries, a special date or a picnic at the beach.

Childhood Photos

Gathering childhood photos can also be a good wedding slideshow idea. Collect childhood photos of both bride and groom then match them year by year. Start by baby pictures, early birthday photos, then followed by more pictures as the couple get older. Carefully pick pictures that show the characteristics of the couple or the funny moment that can induce laughter.

The Proposal

Another good wedding slide show idea is to re-act the moment the groom proposed the bride. Make a script of how she waited for the proposal and the groom decide to propose the girl. A short video is enough to give picture of the most important moment of the couple that finally decided to get married.

Music Selection

After all the material for the slide shows had been collected, there is one more important element that has to be taken care of, the music. Select music that matches the theme and tone of the picture. If it’s a series of lively and fun pictures or video, choose music that makes people stand up on their feet and dance.

If it is a more serene and elegant, then select music that is more romantic and sentimental. Choose songs that also reflect the journey and has special meaning for the bride and the groom. It can be their favorite song or song that tells about their love story is.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Cool camouflage wedding ideas - how to make it

Unique and exclusive wedding themes certainly need cleverness on how to find and create a perfect decoration of the wedding. When it comes to the camouflage, it can’t be said that it is only related to military. The patterns can spread until wedding. Well, camouflage wedding ideas can be said unusual category of wedding. This needs extra thinking to determine each details of the wedding. The wedding items available in the market may increase on each fashion season. Therefore, finding cool camouflage wedding ideas on the items needs some considerations. What is that? Let’s have a look on the items below.

Create Camouflage Wedding Invitation

You and your couple can think to choose wooden wedding invitation as the perfect touch on cool camouflages wedding ideas of invitation.

Visit Retail Camouflage

You can find camouflage items on retail outlets. They sell many camouflage themes that is easy to design. They provide camouflage items on table settings, centerpieces, and stationary. For table settings, the retails offers paper dishware, plastic and fabric tablecloth, metal flatware and also on glazed stoneware dishes. For centerpieces, the retails usually offer camouflage pattern on scrapbook paper, gift bags, origami animals, and also ribbon bows used for floral arrangements. For stationary, the retails offer business card blanks, envelopes, tissue, and calligraphy. It comes back to your personalize in choosing items for cool camouflage wedding ideas.

Camouflage on own designing

You can make your camouflages wedding items yourself, such as the cake, wedding favor, and the backdrop. Camouflage can be applied into the wedding cake. You can add leafy fondant cutouts and use ivy or leaves to create camouflages view that is harmonious with the theme.

You can make a subtle camouflage pattern on a backdrop. Add bride’ and groom’s name among the camouflage background is also good choice. Moreover, the party gift can be created into camouflage also. You can wrap birdseed with camouflage printed tulle. Then, tie it using wired velvet leaf.

Camouflages on Attire

Since the theme cool camouflage wedding ideas, it is also important to think about the wedding attire. For groom, he can wear camouflages pattern on the vest. As the options, he can also wear a formal suit with camouflage pattern on the tie. For bride, wearing white dress with camouflages pattern ribbon around her waist is also good options. Groomsmen can wear hunting vests. They will look nice.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Backyard Wedding Reception and Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Every couple certainly wants to make their wedding go perfect and without any hitches. There are a lot of things should the couple do to make it happen. Planning it carefully and try to make a big party might be a choice. However, not all couple has extra budget to make big party. Creating a backyard wedding is a good option if a couple wants to create beautiful wedding without spending a lot of money. Below are simple tips on backyard wedding reception and decoration ideas on a budget. I am sure this will really help you.

Choose a backyard with beautiful natural scenery

Backyard with beautiful scenery will give a natural decoration. It means you don’t have to spend a lot of money in purchasing floral arrangements. To make it more attractive, you can place candles on each table or in every edges of the area. Also, you can hang decoration lamps on the tress or over the tables.

Create Wedding Sign

Creating natural wedding sign is good on backyard wedding reception and decoration ideas on a budget. It is better than you buy an expensive sign. You can make hand paint or stencil as a fun wedding sign to lead your guest coming to the venue of your wedding. Certainly it is very fun.

Simple Cake with Flower

Try to make it simple on cake wedding by create it into white tone. Add handpicked roses and lavender as your cake decoration. It will look natural but elegant.

Simple Reception Decoration

Keep the decoration of your reception venue into simple and rustic. You can hang paper lanterns around the yard. Especially at night, this will give more romantic felling. Moreover, to make stronger view of your natural theme, add fresh flowers from your garden into glasses vase. Then, put them on a wide table and place the table as a centerpiece.

Choose the right food

Think to provide natural and classic food. You should take in mind about this if you take backyard wedding reception and decoration ideas on a budget. You can make it like Barbeque party. You can provide beef brisket, pork ribs and sausage as main menus and potato salad, beans, bread, Cole salad, butter, pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce as the side menus. Just give simple things but give maximum deliciousness.

Friday, January 20, 2017

8 Unique Guest Book Ideas for Wedding You Can Make Yourself

In a the special day of their life, every groom and bride really need something special, unique, and different for everything related to their wedding, especially guest book. Here are unique guest book ideas for wedding you can make yourself.

Ceramic plates

Provide ceramic plates with permanent black pen on your big day can be a great choice as a wedding book. Let your guest write their name and write their wishes to the couple on it. After the special day over, you can display the ceramic plates as wall decorations in your house. These would be a constant reminder of your big day.

Tree Guest Book

Another unique guest book ideas for wedding comes from tree. Provide a tree in a pot. Then, tie pink rectangular papers using sweet black ribbon on each branchs. Make the guest write on them. Using this as wedding book will create both well wishes and a beautiful presentation.

Jig saw puzzle

Something unique comes from something unpredictable. It is jig saw puzzles. Get your guests give sign on every jig saw pieces.

Balloon shaped card

Balloon shaped card stick in big poster could be unique guest book ideas for wedding. Provide a big poster, and then draw couples caricature bringing balloons. The balloons are made by sticking colorful balloons shaped card. Then, let your guests write their message on them. This would be very nice of book guests.

Huge table with colorful pens

Easy, simple and unique. Those can be said to this book guest. All things the couple should do are only provide huge table with white table cloth and a lot of colorful pens. Make your guests deliver message, wishes, and signature on it.

Guest book on guitar

This unique guest book is very suitable to the couple who like music. Afterward, you and your couple could play your guitar together while remembering the big day of your life.

Guest book on wine bottle

Are you wine lovers? If yes, you can take this idea. Let your guests write on your collections of wine bottles. It will make lovely experience when you open the wine on next party such as wedding anniversaries.

Letter Box

Classic and unique. A letter Box can be used as unique guest book ideas for wedding. Let your guest make letter for you then ask them to enter the letter into your letter box. Certainly you have designed the letter box into unusual appearance before.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6 Tips on Planning Memorable Beach Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Beach wedding is very suitable for couples who are very busy and have rush time in making wedding plan and also the financial. Wedding beach also gives less financial than traditional wedding. Moreover, wedding beach offers more fun for both the couples and the guests. Although it is easier, the couples need to have careful planning of beach wedding ideas on a budget. Check the tips below.

Select the appropriate date

It is advisable to choose the date for your wedding in the off-season. It is time after Labor Day but before Memorial Day. The weather on that season will be amazing instead of season in middle of local business.

Select the beach

You have two options in choosing the beach, private beach or public beach. For private beach you can rent a private beach completed with house for wedding. This might not raise a problem if your guest is not more than 50 people, but if your guest is a lot of you should provide bigger size of the house. Certainly, you need more budgets here.

To reduce the budget and still have sizeable guest list, it is better to consider a public beach. Moreover, you have to consider the situation of the beach. Generally, beach is breezy. Choose the public beach which has protected area from winds. Be careful also on the beach tides.

Make a list on how many guest will be coming

Generally, small informal wedding on beach will not require a special permit. However, this will be different if you have a lot of guest. You need to have permits from the local authorities since you will block off beach area and use amplification.

Making sunset ceremony

Beach wedding ideas on a budget can be reduced if you choose sunset ceremony. Not much you need to make it special. All things you have to do are just having sunset ceremony followed by wine together with cheese reception.

Finding Wedding Beach Organizer

Wedding beach organizer will really helpful to provide wedding ideas on a budget with affordable package deals. You will not busy in preparing everything related to your wedding. They will help you in providing this start from the bouquet, foods and drinks until the marriage license.

Providing wedding beach souvenir

Thanking to your guest for coming on your big day can be done by giving them presents as beach wedding ideas on a budget. You can give beach present theme such as seashell candles, personalized sand-dollar, or sand-shells ornament.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 Glowing and Romantic Night Wedding Ideas

Do you plan for night wedding party? So what’s on your mind? Filling the party with candles, lanterns, or sprinklers? Whatever you take, since it is different with day wedding, you should plan every detail on your night party perfectly. Here are references of romantic night wedding ideas you can take.

Nice Photography

Night wedding has different lighting instead of day wedding. Make sure the photographer apply the suitable lighting. For both couples and photographer try to be creative with lighting. As an example, make your guests holding sparkles surround the couple. Then, the photographer take photo of the couple lit up by sparks. Another example, you and your couple might take backlit picture. It is made by making the silhouettes of the couple as the main focus. Moreover, black and white photo ideas can be determined for dramatic looking at night wedding.

Get Sparkling

Romantic night wedding ideas comes from night the lighting. We can use any source of lighting. Putting small lights on the ground along wedding ceremony to the reception is so romantic. Candles could be the choice, but they are easy to get extinguished. Put those on tall hurricane to avoid from flaring out.

Best Night Decoration

Adjust theme of your night wedding with the season of that time. You can choose Country Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, or Starry Night. Choose the rich and bright color such as rich jewel tones for a Midsummer Night’s Dream or Dark Blue for a Starry Night. To get more sparkling, add silver and gold accessories. Also, you can add crystals, and paper lanterns.Glowing Food
Filling your table with evening snacks such as cotton candy, cookies shaped star, and glow sticks will invite the children coming to your wedding. To make glowing on your table decorate it using fairy jars. You can make it by breaking a glow stick, add some glitters and add liquid.

Glowing Cake

Cake can’t be separated from wedding. Although you hold your party at night, you should make special on it. For romantic night wedding ideas, make your wedding cake full of lighting. Set the cake on the table with candles surround it. Or, you can make line using candles on the table so the cake will get its own stage area. Moreover, it will look nice when the bride and the groom slicing the cake together and the photographer take their photos.