Thursday, February 2, 2017

A surprise wedding is a very unique wedding celebration since the bride and groom and a few friends and family conspire to surprise the guests. The guests will be invited to the party without knowing that it is a wedding party. This party can be an intimate one or can be as large as usual wedding. If you want to throw a surprise wedding party, here are some steps on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas.

Make a Cover Event

You will need a cover event to conceal the surprise wedding you plan. Pick an event you are sure that can get everyone together. These events can take form of a reunion or a movie night or any regular get together party. Invite family as well as friends from both sides.

Keep the Wedding a Secret

Be sure not to tell too many people about the surprise wedding. Letting more people know about the plan will make the word spread easily. If you want to, you can ask a professional wedding planner to help on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas. Consider also the needs to have official witnesses and legal necessities of marriage. These are the people you need to inform about the wedding.

Cover up the Dress

Next step on how to plan a surprise wedding ideas is the clothing. Choose you dress carefully. You cannot show up to the party with a full wedding gown and headdress. Wear casual or a more light dress so no one will feel suspicious. Choose a simple cocktail dress you naturally wear on a party. However, if you want to have a formal surprise wedding, you need to plan it really well ahead. You can hide the wedding gown carefully before the party started. Only wear the full wedding gear when you are ready to make an announcement. Make sure you have some assistant waiting for you to help you get dress.

Perfect Announcement Timing

The marriage announcement will be the climax the whole plan. Timing is important here. You should pick a most memorable moment to announce the marriage. Make sure everyone you have invited not missing anything. Have everyone pay attention to the announcement of your surprise wedding. You can spark interest of the guests by suddenly asking for attention. The groom can make an introduction speech to get everyone’s attention. Plan the speech carefully to make sure that it is well-structured and of course, full of surprise.

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