Friday, December 30, 2016

How to Plan New Years Wedding Eve Ideas

The last December is the most popular month among other twelve months. In that month most of all people around the world celebrate happy New Year’s celebrations. Everyone might happy on that night. Now how about celebrating your wedding at the same time with the New Year’s night? We can’t imagine how fabulous the party will. However you need several steps of doing so. You should do a perfect preparation on New Year’s wedding eve ideas. Here I share some suggestions.

1. Reserve Your Venue Very Early
Most of venues usually have been reserved before since not only your couple that wants to celebrate New Year’s wedding eve parties and also. Don’t reserve the venue immediately. You must be hard to find it. If possible you should reserve at least a year before to get your personalize venue. Moreover you can start your times’ wedding at 8.00 p.m. Thus, your guest can celebrate New Year’s party at your wedding.

2. Send your invitation early
Because your wedding date will be on holiday time, your guest may have their own plan of that day. Therefore, send your invitation as soon as possible so your guest can cancel their plan. You can do this after you have fixed the date of your wedding at least 3 or 2 month in advance.

3. Think the menu
Because the main menu will be served later at night, it is better you only serve some desert food, snacks and appetizer at the beginning of party. You have to inform to the guest about this, so they can fill their stomach before coming to your party. Moreover, it is advisable to serve coffee and a lot of champagne on your beverage menu.

4. Think the wedding attire and color
Black, gold, and silver are good color in celebrating New Year’s wedding eve ideas. It is because those colors are typically related to New Year’s.

5. Think the decorations
Black tie theme is very suitable for this kind of party. Place a big clock or TV as a timer countdown. Also, make sure you include nose makers, party hats, and confetti as usual New Year’s party accessories. For the flowers, you can purchase white and red roses. Those combinations flower will looks more fun and appropriate than lily or lavender.

6. Adjust the party accessories with New Year’s Theme
Since your party is New Year’s wedding eve ideas, you should purchase the same accessories too. You can put fortune cookies, your personalized calendar of the New Year, or personal champagne bottles.

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